Car Insurance For Good Drivers

1st Class Coverage. Attractive Price. Up to 30% Cash Back.

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Why Carpool?

Normal car insurance is expensive

Car insurance is expensive because your premiums are used by insurers to pay for claims made by reckless drivers.

Reckless drivers cost YOU money

What normal drivers
should be paying
Cost of
reckless drivers
Amount everyone
ends up paying









Unlike normal drivers, reckless drivers claim at least once a year, every year! So thanks to them, you also end up overpaying by 30% every year.

Carpool: a new kind of car insurance


Carpool is different. We let YOU choose the group of people that you share risk with. And although we can't stop reckless drivers from driving, you have the power to exclude them from your group.

Savings of up to 30% every year!

Good drivers =
less claim costs
1st class coverage
+ up to 30% cash back!
20-50% no-claim bonus

Good drivers help everyone saves money, and we give those savings back to you.

It's that simple.

Simple and easy.

Join or create a group in minutes
View group activities and claims real-time
Invite friends via Facebook and Line