Terms of Use

Coverage and your Carpool Bonus

On your policy effective date, you will be covered under the terms and conditions of your first class policy. Coverage includes the following:

  • Fire and theft

  • Own damage including natural disasters e.g. flood or hail

  • Third party’s property liability of 5,000,000 Baht

  • Terrorism up to sum insured value*

  • Hospital inpatient benefit up to 3,000 Baht per day (30 days per year)*

  • Car allowance up to 3,000 Baht (3 times per year)*

  • 24 hours roadside assistant

* Subject to policy terms & conditions and exclusions


To see a detailed listing of what your policy covers, please click here.


In addition to your coverage, you will also be credited a starting Carpool Bonus equivalent to 30% of the premiums (before duty stamp and VAT) indicated in your policy. This starting Carpool Bonus will be used to cover claims (if any) filed by you or members of your group and given back to you as a cash back or used as discount on renewal premiums if there are remaining balances left over at the end of your policy year*


*Please also see how you can earn your Carpool Bonus


Joining or creating a group

To enjoy the full benefits of your Carpool Bonus, we recommend that you log in to your Carpool account to set your preferences within 30 days from your policy effective date unless you will be automatically assigned to a public group. As part of this process, you will be asked to join an existing group or create your own group.


This step is important as you must have five cars (policies) or more in your group at the end of your policy year to be eligible for a Carpool Bonus. Other cars (policies) do not need to be added right away (or at the same time) but any claims filed will still be deducted from your Carpool Bonus even if your group hasn’t fulfilled the five cars (policies) minimum yet. 


Joining a group

Joining an existing group is convenient option for people just starting out. To help you choose the right one, we have provided a list of public groups recommended for you based on:

  • Your referrer’s group

  • Carpool Bonus remaining

  • Number of members and their claim history via Carpool

  • Other conditions (age, gender, car model, etc.) if specified by the administrator of that group.

During the course of the year if you don’t like the group you’re in, you can always create your own group or join another group once every policy year.


Creating a group

Creating group takes a little bit more work but also gives you more control – the additional options available to you:

  • Name, photo and description for the group

  • Private versus Public: for private groups, only existing members can invite new members to you as the administrator can approve each member before they can join your group. For public groups, anyone can join provided they satisfy the conditions (if any) that you set

  • Conditions for the group: as mentioned above, conditions is a great way for you to open your group to other people while instilling some control of the types of members that can join.

To help you recruit additional members of your group, we also provide you with a list of other Carpool users that you may know (based on your contact list and mobile version only) and can also help you generate a personal link which you can share via instant messaging and/or social media.


Once you join or create a group you will be directed to your group newsfeed which is used to give you updates of activities in your group.


How to file a claim

Claims are handled by our insurance partner Muang Thai Insurance, to file a claim you can:

  • Phone the Muang Thai Insurance claims hotline at 1484

  • Muang Thai ClaimDi application

  • Or file your claim online via the Muang Thai Insurance website by clicking here.


Impact of claims on your Carpool Bonus

If you or a member of your group files a claim, the cost of the claim will be deducted from the Carpool Bonus of all members of the group at the time the claim was occurred.

  • When the claim is first filed an estimate of the damages will be updated in your newsfeed and the amount will be deducted from your respective Carpool bonuses

  • During the course of the claims/repair process, subsequent changes (if any) to the claim amount will be reported to you and adjustments made to your Carpool Bonus accordingly even though a member had left the group.

If a member had left the group before, or a new member has joined the group after the claim was filed, his/her Carpool Bonus will not be affected.

Remark: Carpool Bonus will be deducted in case of you or your group members are at fault or contributory negligence.



Additional points for you to take note of:

  • The claims amount will be deducted from the Carpool Bonus of each member in proportion to the premiums paid that year. For instance, if another member paid twice the amount of premiums that you did, the portion of the claim cost they are responsible for will also be twice yours.

  • If your Carpool Bonus is fully depleted and there are still outstanding claims, the insurer will cover the difference.

  • If you reach the end of your policy year and relevant claims filed by you or other members of your group have not been completely settled yet, you can still use the Carpool Bonus you have outstanding as a discount when you renew but will have to wait until relevant claims are completely settled if you opt for the cash back option. If you choose to renewal option, any subsequent adjustments to the unsettled claim will be added/deducted from the Carpool Bonus you are credited at renewal.


Earning your Carpool Bonus at the end of the year

At the end of your policy year, the Carpool Bonus you have remaining will be given back to you as either a cash back or can be used to enjoy a discount on next year’s premium when you renew with Carpool:

  • If you choose the cash back option we will transfer the amount to a bank account of your choosing (after deduction of relevant transfer fees) within 30 business days after your existing policy expires

  • If you choose to renew, you can use your Carpool Bonus (as a discount) as early as 90 calendar days before your renewal effective date. Please note that if there are additional claims filed by you or members of your group, or adjustments made to unsettled claims, those amounts will be deducted from the Carpool Bonus of your renewal year.  

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