Q: Can I choose which group I belong to?

A: Yes, when you first log in via the Carpool website or app, you will be asked to either join an existing group or create your own group of five or more members/cars.

During the course of the policy year, we also allow you to change groups once a year.

Q: Does everyone in my group need to join at the same time?

A: No, members can join at any time during the policy year. But please bear in mind that the more members you have, the less the impact of any single claim. You will also need to have the minimum of five members in your group before your policy expires to ensure that you are eligible for the Carpool Bonus.

Q: How do claims affect my Carpool Bonus?

A: When someone in your group files a claim, the cost is deducted from everyone that is a member at the time of claim.

For instance, if you were in a group of five and someone filed a claim, the cost is divided amongst the five members. If a sixth member joins your group the day after, his/her Carpool Bonus is not affected by this claim.

Q: If I run out of Carpool Bonus, what happens?

A: If claim costs exceed the Carpool Bonus that you and members of your group have, you won't pay anything more.


Q: If someone filed a claim but I didn't, do I still get a no-claim bonus?

A: Yes, you will still be eligible for a no-claim bonus when you renew your policy with Carpool



Q: If I get in an accident but not at fault, is my Carpool Bonus impacted?

A: No, your Carpool Bonus will not be impacted.


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